The Ravenbeak Tortilla Soup

Hooray for soup season again! And just in time – this gal just had her remaining 3 wisdom teeth out, yowch! So I’ve been eating a lot of applesauce and soups!

This recipe comes with a bit of a back story. Back in April, I took a 3-day course to make my own yew bow by hand. The class was put on by a fantastic little family-run company, Ravenbeak Natureworks. Tools and materials are provided along with fantastic hands-on training, and at the end of the three days you have yourself a beautiful and functional handmade long or flat bow! (I also took a one-day arrow making course later in June from the same team – great stuff!) Anyway, they also fed us lunch, and what delicious lunches they were! And they even worked around my gluten free needs! One of the days Jamie fed us Tortilla Soup, which I had heard of but had never before tasted. I couldn’t stop raving about it. He told me to email his wife for the recipe so I did! She responded with a list of ingredients and after a little taste here and there while it was cooking I think I got the right measurements figured out. 😉

So a big thank you must go to Jenna at Ravenbeak, and if you have any interest in wood craft or archery, you should absolutely check out their courses!

Now on with the recipe!

1 big can Crushed tomatoes
1 big can refilled with Water
1 big can refilled with gluten free Broth (chicken, vegetable, your choice!)
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
2-3 Green onions, chopped
Corn chips
Grated Cheese (I’ve had it now with mozzarella, marble cheddar, melting string cheese, and havarti. loved them all) Amount will depend on you and how cheesy you like it!
1-2 avocados, diced

Empty can of crushed tomatoes into a big soup pot. Refill the empty can with water and toss that in. Heat on medium. Add another can full of your choice of broth. Stir well.
Add chili powder and cumin. Heat for 5 minutes, then taste. Add more spice and/or salt & pepper to taste. (I find the broth I’ve used is usually enough salt – and if your corn chips are also salted that will add to it as well!)


In the last couple of minutes, throw in the chopped green onions. I like to buy large batches of green onions at once and dehydrate them – if you use dried ones, you’ll want to add them earlier so they can rehydrate.


To serve:
Crunch up a handful of chips and put them in the bottom of your bowl. Add some shredded cheese and diced avocado. Pour the hot soup over the works. Eat!


My extra-special Non-vegetation Variation:
Before serving, stir in some cooked ground beef for extra taco-like deliciousness!

With added beef option!

With added beef option!


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